Aki Ekqvist

Aki Ekqvist

producer, sound engineer, musician, A&R

Aki is a multi-instrumentalist and a producer who loves playing music and “feeling” it. He always commits to the sound. Before his career as a producer Aki used to tour several years with different bands. Aki always wants to find the core of the song. ”If the core is healthy, the song is already written”.

Aki produces, mixes and handles A&R for Saumaa artists.

Joonas Naskali

Joonas Naskali

melodies, lyrics, producer, artist, A&R

Joonas is hooked on catchy melodies, loves the feeling of a completed song on a fresh spring day and is intrigued by the meaning of a well-written story hidden in the lyrics.

He used to sing in a band called Valovuosi but just started a solo career as a Finnish pop-reggae artist Doussi. He writes music and handles A&R for Saumaa.

Jaakko Kääriäinen

Jaakko Kääriäinen

musician, producer

Jaakko has been playing the guitar professionally for over twenty years, both as a studio session musician and on stage. He produces and writes songs.

Mikael Forsby

Mikael Forsby

producer, sound engineer, composer, A&R

Mikael is a multi-talented visionary, who has always walked his own path. He is always developing musical ideas, even when he is sleeping. “During the production process, it’s all about the feeling. “Getting those magical chills and goosebumps is the fuel that keeps me going”.


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